Well well well, look who made it. Welcome to the Steve. Glad you’re here! In case you are wondering what exactly you’ve stumbled on to, allow me to explain. The Steve is the official news “letter” for the Student Ministry of Highland Park (SUMMIT student ministries) in Tulsa, OK. While there is a preexisting news letter for HP called the Herald, space is limited and we knew that we really needed some type of news letter thingy of our own. Initially we were going to put out an actual printed publication…but then we realized that it’s freakin 2010 and we should probably utilize the technology available to us, right? After all, we wouldn’t want all of Al Gore’s hard work to go to waste. So why not set up a blog that we can use at least until this whole internet fad blows over. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up saving some trees as an added bonus. Here at the Steve we are dedicated to keeping you up to date with the very latest in events, news, and stuff we find amusing. Check back regularly for updates and random fun-ness. There will even be the occasional contest at A|Zero and the SUMMIT to see who has been checking up on the Steve. So don’t be a stanger, y’all come back, stay out of trouble, and all those other sayings people use when they’re not sure how else to close a conversation.

– Steve



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4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Michelle

    we need to make a t-shirt!

  2. Rachel

    That picture would make an awesome T-shirt!

  3. Caleb

    Indeed! But there is a creepy resemblance to Marge Simpson when you turn your head upside-down…

  4. mariah

    she doesn’t wear glasses.

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