Let us catch up.

Alas, my friends, how I have missed you all.

I have some incredibly exciting news to discuss. Can you guess what it is? No, not that.. no… almost… closer… YES! Right on! Baptisms! If I had a dog for every student that has been baptized (or asked to learn more about being baptized) in the last 2 weeks I’d have 4 dogs right now… which would require me to get a pet license it’s so many pets. Awesome!

As you well know, our dear friend Ashlee took her dive into the baptismal a week ago today. Gremp is our 8th grader-to-be who was baptized this past Sunday. Erin braved tornadoes, hail, floods, and middle-school gamers last night to be dunked in the water, and Spill is en route to be baptized in the near future. Can I get an AMEN? It brings a tear to my eye to see you all loving the Lord so much. Keep it up.

Check back soon for some details of this summer. It’s sure to be a doozy.



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