Tentative Summer Schedule…

Date/s HS Activity* MS Activity
6/13-6/18 Camp @ Sunset
6/30 Party (Details TBA)
6/24-7/1 MOVE Conference
7/7 @ the Movies
7/9 Bonfire
7/23 Game Night in the Gym
7/28 @ the Movies
8/1 LaserQuest after Church

*A|Zero will continue from 6:30 till 8 followed each night by WinterBash until 9:30.

There you have it peeps. This summer is going to be incredible.

Mid-schoolers, as you noticed, we’re gonna hang out a lot this summer. So mark your calenders, and know, just because game night has ended, doesn’t mean our relationships have to. So, count on some good old fashioned togetherness on several different occasions this summer. You bet.

High schoolers, here’s our WinterBash logo.

Awesome right? Can’t wait to see y’all there.

For those of you that may not know, WinterBash is our deal this summer where we can hang out, do stuff, etc. (It’s probable that there will be times of sponsors’ complete dominance over you students in all things competitive, but I don’t want to ruin the suspense by giving you too many details.) Anywho, every Wednesday night after A|Zero we’ll be spending time together WinterBash style till 9:30 or so. Twill be the time of our lives.

That about sums it up. Comment with questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts, inquiries, doubts, stories, love-notes, etc.

Peace out.



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