what (not) to bring

ALRIGHT!!! WHO’S READY TO MOVE (if you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna)?

A Note about What to Bring and

What not to Bring:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The time is near.  I can’t believe it. Our week alone with GOD and each other is finally coming to pass. I am so insanely EXCITED and I know you are too. So, just to make sure that we have everything we need, as we head off to Colorado, I have come up with a list of things to bring and things to not bring.

People, please remember that we are not heading to Conference with anything on our minds, except drawing closer to OUR GOD and we must make sure that we do not do ANYTHING that will distract our guys/girls that are going with us on this journey.  I’m going to only mention a couple of things to make sure that you understand what not to wear. If you have any further questions, make sure that you talk with Shanna or me personally.

No’s for the Ladies:  No spaghetti strap tank tops, no shirts that do NOT cover your stomach completely, and we do not want to see your bra straps.  Remember our check rule. Raise your arms above your head and then make sure that your stomach is covered. All shorts must be at mid thigh. Please try and wear tops that are your size, not too tight. Girls, it’s best just to wear regular t-shirts for the week. I promise you, if you do this, you will be more comfortable and relaxed and will be able to focus better on GOD and not be distracted by guys.

No’s for the Guys: No sagging pants. No exposed boxers.  No muscle shirts, no tight shirts. Guys, I want you to remember what the girls have told you, you distract them by what you wear as much as they distract you.

No’s for everyone:  No CD Players, I-pods, MP3’s, Stereos, Cell Phones, Skateboards, skates.

Yes’s for Everyone:  Clothes for 5 days (plus extra).  Bedding, toiletries, extra money, Bible, pens, journals, pray journals.

My final words are what I say every year. CIY MOVE is not designed for you to hook up with a girl or guy. It is designed for you to HOOK UP WITH GOD!  Satan will do everything he can to make that NOT happen, including distracting you with one of GOD’S people. Don’t do it, don’t think about it, and please do not be misled in to thinking that GOD is sending you this “person”. If GOD wants you to be with someone you know or meet at Conference, then it will happen after you come home.

*Remember my plea: STAY FOCUSED*

Packing Check-List



__Notebook (journal)

__Camera (disposable or otherwise)

__Extra money for shirts/cd’s/hacky-sack/snacks/etc…

__Clothes for 5 days (and for any sports or activities you’ll want to do)

__Bathing Suit (no Speedos Caleb Stewart)

__Toothbrush (youre not borrowing mine)


__Deodorant (please)

__Towel (I forget this every year)




__Bedding (sleeping bag or otherwise. I always take a sheet and a blanket)

__Blankie (although this would probably be a good time to start the weaning process)

Un-Packing Check-List

(please remove these items from your bag)

__mp3 players (or any other type of music playing device)

__cell phone (that’s right, cell phone. yes you can go a week without it)

__knives or any other form of weapons (that includes nun-chucks)



__ANY FORM OF DRUGS (anything you need can be checked in with a sponsor)

__PSP, gameboy, DS, or any other type of portable gaming device.


– Steve


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