WE’RE HERE!!!! (and we have internet access!!!)

Hey everybody!

So sorry we haven’t been able to keep you up to date the past couple of days. The campus wouldn’t let us have internet access until today. But we have it now! So prepare to be updated!

We got here around 11:30 CO time so 12:30 OK time. It was a really good trip. Our AC went out in the bus for a few hours near Amarillo and we never had any audio for our movies. But we toughed out the heat and never really cared about the movies. We had a really good time just hanging out, talking, and playing games the whole way. Our drivers have been great and really organized yet flexible…which is awesome on this type of trip.

When we rolled into Durango we just hung out for the night. Everyone was pretty tuckered out so we all pretty much went to bed. Friday morning we slept in a bit and then had the bus come pick us up and take us downtown Durango. We ate lunch and then had a great photo scavenger hunt around town. I’ll try to get some of those photos loaded up soon.  For now, suffice it to say that the “best guy with a beard” photo part of the contest was pretty funny…but not as funny as watching Preston run around downtown trying to avoid having his picture taken by the other teams (yes, his name was on the list of photo assignments). After that was all done we went back up to campus, ate dinner and had a nice youth group time of worship and prayer in the hoodie weather (hehehe).

Saturday we got up, ate breakfast, and did some awesome team building games. Games like Monster, where the teams of 10 had to get from point a to point b using only 5 legs and 3 arms.  And like machine where the teams had to get together and create a moving appliance (e.g. toaster) out of themselves.  And a lot more. After lunch the guys switched dorms (a bit of a hassle) and by the time we were done it was pretty much time for dinner and a dance party. Boulevard Christian from Muskogee is also here early and every year before CIY they have a big decade themed dance party and they invited us to join. So after having a pizza party of our own we went in and crashed a 50’s dance party…a fun time was had by all.

This morning we had a nice little church service. Always love worshipping together with nothing but the mountains to look at.  The challenge was for everyone to pray the prayer of Samuel in I Samuel 3, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” And to continue to pray that throughout the week. To anticipate God speaking to them and to be willing to accept their role in His story much like Samuel did in I Samuel and like Saul and Ananias did in Acts 9.

We are super excited for the conference to start. Go time in t minus 2 hours. Please pray that God would increase the faith in these students (and in your own life as well) and that we would have open hearts and minds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

We love you and thank you so much for praying for us!




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2 responses to “WE’RE HERE!!!! (and we have internet access!!!)

  1. Moellers

    So glad to get an update and hear about all you all have done… thanks! We are praying for all of you!

    • Sarah's Mom

      Praying with you all….enjoyed reading about your activities….excited at all that will be gained for His kingdom through the lives of all who “listen.”

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