Man! It’s been a whirlwind past couple of days! The weeks theme is “no matter what” and it is a journey through I and II Timothy. The first night (sunday) was all about God’s grace. One of the things I appreciate about CIY is their understanding that a vast majority of the students here are already Christians. Of course, not all, but many. So CIY’s efforts are not focused on presenting the Gospel anew every night with a big salvation push on the last night like you would find at other conferences/camps. Rather, they lay out the Gospel and push it really big right off the bat and then spend the rest of the week talking about the true Christian life and God’s call for all of us to be Kingdom workers.

Yesterday (monday) was on “truth”.  The day was spent breaking down the myth that truth is defined by whatever belief system you subscribe to and the whole “to each his own” philosophy.  They taught that Truth is a person and a lifestyle. All the students were challenged to write down 1 name, that they would be talking to about Jesus in 1 week. It was a powerful time for our students to confront the reality that there are many people in their lives that are in desperate need of God’s truth. The Basketball and Volleyball tournament was yesterday as well. We threw together a bit of a ragamuffin volleyball team that got eliminated in a tough, and close first round game (there were some REALLY good volleyball players here).  The basketball team was also eliminated in the first round by a team from boulevard that actually went on to win the whole tournament. In fact, the games were to 15 and the most any team scored on BCC was 6…that was our team. They would have gone a long way in the tournament if it weren’t for the bad first round draw.

Today our focus was “Godliness” and how this Godliness doesn’t just happen on accident. Instead, it comes by tireless training and years of hard work just like an athlete would train for the olympics or anyone would train for their professional career of choice. We talked about how godliness is not just a list of don’ts, but rather it is a pursuit of Jesus and His Kingdom. IT has been a super super great day! Bailey Grufik danced in the alternative which is a talent show held in the main auditorium. She did a such a good job. Immediately  following Bailey’s dance, Fayth Heflin sang amazing grace and also did a tremendous job! Such talent in our group!

Tomorrow we have extended rec say so we get to go back downtown and eat some awesome lunch, drink some awesome coffee, and enjoy an afternoon of zuberfizz (a local root beer/cream soda joint)!

Oh yeah…and some of you may or may not remember a couple of years ago in Tennessee when a couple of dogs got loose on the campus one night and were attacking a some people. CIY handled the situation great and no real damage was done. Well, we topped that tonight. We’re currently hunkered down in our dorms because a bear is on campus…that’s right…bear. Again, CIY handled it great sending a mass text to all youth sponsors telling them to get their groups inside and then campus security/wildlife something rather went to catch and relocate the fuzzy visitor. Youth Ministry…you can’t make this stuff up.

If you think about it, thank our sponsors for investing in your students. We have a hall-of-fame team of sponsors here and just when I don’t think they could impress me anymore, they do. They are doing a tremendous job investing in our students. These are people that are committed to the Kingdom and committed to our students because they absolutely believe in them and in what God can do through them. They are awesome.

We love you all.



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  1. Charlotte Harer

    Can’t help but ask, “Did you get a picture of the bear?”.
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and you are where you are suppose to be doing what you are suppose to do at this specific time of your lives.
    My prayer for all of you is that this experience provides the ‘truths’ you need to lead others.
    Be like a STAR and SHINE so others may follow.

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