When drama queens get splinters…

Geez…time has seriously flown by since we arrived here in Durango. We have had a tremendous time and God is doing some cool things in the lives of our students. Yesterday, out theme was influence. That makes since given our text for the week is I & II Timothy.  It was a good day with some extremely challenging subject matter for our students. Every year MOVE partners with a different organization to bring a global perspective to the students.  This year their partner is Active Water, and last night we watched a film CIY made called Zambia’s Song. It was a powerful documentary about the clean water crisis in Zambia and how giving them a clean water well in the name of Jesus can transform an entire village.  I have a copy of the documentary so perhaps we can have some type of showing at HP sometime. I highly recommend asking a student about this crisis, the documentary and some ideas they have for how we can help. Last night we talked a lot about how we might help out our brothers and sisters in Zambia and the students had some awesome ideas that were founded on incredible faith in what God is capable of when his people are willing to be used by Him. Oh, and a little heads up: all of your kids want to go to Africa…all of them…just so you know.

Also, yesterday was extended recreation day. That happens once a week. It is when CIY doesn’t have the college serve lunch. Instead, they take all the money that the churches paid for that meal to be served and they use it to put on CIY conferences in other countries around the world where students walk for miles to get to the conference and can’t afford to support the conference. During that afternoon churches have several hours to do whatever they want. We went back down into Durango to eat lunch and hang out for a while and on the way back into town, like last year, we had the bus drop anyone off that wanted to hike back up to the campus. The majority wanted to hike the mountain and so we set off on a path. About half way up, like last year, we gave people the option of sticking with the path which is a bunch of switchbacks up the mountain, or taken the “road less traveled”. The Road less traveled is really not a road at all but rather just a bunch of dirt, rocks, and plants we fight through until we reach the top. This is always a good time. Well, we have become relatively accustom to our legs getting slightly scratched up by the various rocks and plants on the way up. Thanks, primarily, to the yucca.  These little guys are all over the place.  And they’re super annoying.  If you’ve never had an interaction with them, they’re about 2.5-3 feet tall and are extremely sharp at the tips. Most of us got stuck with one at some point or another along the trip.  Sarah Regouby included. She fell victim to the yucca about half way up and didn’t really think anything of it, a little blood on the knee, no big deal. Later on before dinner time she thought she felt something in her knee around the small puncture wound. Sure enough, it was the tip of the yucca. After dinner I spent a little over an hour digging around in her knee trying to get this piece of plant out (it was pretty darn deep). After a lot of work, we finally called Steve Johnson (youth pastor at Osage Hills who happened to be here this week as the campus minister) who has very extensive wilderness first aid training. He came over and we worked some more before deciding that we need more room to get the tweezers through. This would require a knife (everything we used was throughly sterilized with iodine) that turned out to be too dull. Which is why we switched to scissors…that did the trick. We (very safely) cut a little more on the very outer layer of skin to allow ourselves more room to work. Sarah was a dag-on trooper. After a lot more work, we concluded that she needed to go to the ER to have it removed and cleaned out really well. Sarah was not happy. Although she agreed, she didn’t feel like it should have to be a big deal and was frustrated that it had to be. She went, they scalpeled, removed and stitched, and she returned. Just so you know, Sarah is anything but a drama queen, and this thing was far from a splinter. She was crazy tough and this thing was big….

Today’s theme is endurance. We’re focusing on the last few versus of the last book Paul would write. He knew it was the last one, too. As he wrote to Timothy he spoke of the fight that he had fought and the race that he had run. Understanding that distraction and traps await us back in Tulsa, we are focusing on the tools we have at out disposal to help us run the race and fight the fight until the end. We’re focusing on mentors, the church, and scripture. As you may remember, MOVE gave each of us challenge cards last year. Each card had a challenge in it that they were to complete in the next year. They did not have to open them if they did not want to, but if they did, they were agreeing to do what it said on the card. Please be praying tonight that the right cards would get into the right hands and that the students would have boldness and faith. Please also pray that God would increase YOUR faith so that you could encourage your student to endure regardless of what is written on the card.

We are planning to leave a tad bit after 11:30 tonight which would hopefully put us in Tulsa around 3:00pm tomorrow. We will have students call to confirm the time as we get closer to home. Thank you all so much for praying for us! it has been an incredible week!

We love you,

– Steve


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