Ok party people. So, we’ve decided after 2.5 years of debating that it’s time to have some shirts. Yes it is. So we designed 4. We thought it would be a good idea to go with a series of shirts based on the hard sayings of Jesus. So we did. There are 3 that have different Jesus quotes on them and then 1 that is meant to be a conversation starter about A|Zero. Don’t worry, there will inevitably be more on the way.  But this is something of a trial run. We’ll see if you buy em. If so, we’ll make more. If not, we’ll like you less.

We will be making two separate orders. The first order will consist of two of the designs and the next (to be made a month or so later) will consist of the other two. All shirts are %100 preshrunk ringspun cotton, so they should be all nice and soft 🙂 KNOW THIS: There will be a VERY limited supply in each initial order so unless you want to wait even longer for your shirt, I suggest you reserve one by bringing us the $ at A|Zero tomorrow. The cost is $12 per shirt. The initial order will consist of the “Blessed” and of the “Love your Enemies” (which is actually a vneck).  FYI, these shirts are going to be made available to anyone and everyone that wants one, so if you have family or friends that want one…make it happen.

We’re posting the 4 initial designs for you to have a look at. Also, be coming up with your own designs. I’m thinking we should do a design contest where we can all submit designs anonymously and then vote on which one we want to get made…that’d be cool. So start working on them, even if you just draw it or have the idea we can get together and try to work it up in Photoshop together. That’d be fun.  Ok check out the designs: click on the image to see it bigger.

Jesus exemplified and talked about this radical kind of Love often. This is from Matthew 5.44. Remember, this “Love your Enemies” one will be a v-neck.

The copy on this “Blessed” shirt is the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5.3-11. The teaching here shows a completely flipped world view from that of the rest of the world.

As much as we would like to think He didn’t, Jesus said this very plainly in Matthew 6.24.

There’s nothing you could do that could possibly be more important than fulfilling the great commission found in Matthew 18.19-20. Your part in this doesn’t mean having all the answers. One small aspect of your role is starting a conversation. Not necessarily in depth, maybe just an invite to hang out with you…say…on a wednesday night around 6:30? Half the battle is getting people to a place where they can hear about the love of Jesus and where people will love them. The idea, here, is that this shirt may help initiate the conversation that just may lead to someone giving their life to Jesus.

Alright so there you go. Those are the shirts. Oh by the way. There will be a VERY small profit made on each shirt. This profit will go directly into the Youth Ministry Budget to help cut down your cost for things like Missions trips and MOVE…so there you go. You’re clothing yourself…while paying for trips and such. Bangarang.



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