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2010-2011 Middle School Road Map!

Attention Middle School parents!!

The 2010-2011 Road Maps are now available. These packets will give you all the information you need for the upcoming year (now through june 2011).

They come complete with a calendar, event letters, medical release forms, philosophy of ministry, programming guide, sponsor bios, etc… Make sure you pick up yours at ConnectingPoint, in the SUB, or tonight when you pick up your student from game night. Thanks!

– Steve


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Help feed Jesus!

Ok so I know that that blog title is weird, but hear me out.

If you went to MOVE (or even if you didn’t) you are probably familiar with the concept of the kingdom worker cards. Highland Park even did their own version of em and we called them challenge cards. The idea is that you get a card on which is some type of faith challenge. You are under no obligation to open the card but if you do you are committing to do whatever it says on that card.

Over the past couple of years many of you have opened and followed through with the commitment regardless of the fact that it meant some type of sacrifice on your part. I am so proud of you for that. Last year, Rachel Hinten was given the challenge to feed 500 families for thanksgiving…so she stood up in front of the church, asked for some help, and, by God’s grace, we accomplished the goal! In fact we fed I ton more than the 500 mark. This year, Leslie LaFreniere received that same challenge. As she thought of ways to go about raising the money to do this, she decided that she would sell shirts! So yesterday, I got to meet with her and work on a shirt design so she could sell them. %100 of these proceeds will go toward feeding these families.

In Matthew 25, Jesus says that when we take care of people that are in need, in a sense we are taking care of Him. His heart beat for the poor. Let’s help some people have a thanksgiving dinner this year that would otherwise not have one. Shirts cost $15. Below are pictures of the front and back.


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