Worship and Gutterballs

Sunday in Chicago is always one of my favorite parts of the week. It is so awesome and encouraging to worship with First Christian. Their story is too long for this blog post, but suffice it to say that they are a multi cultural family that loves and cares for each other with the love of Jesus. When we get back on Friday, ask your student about their experience with the First Christian family. Ask them how it was different from HP. Ask them about the people they met.

After church we ate some lunch and then headed to the bowling alley with FCC. We, as a group, are not great bowlers. But we sure are fun! We split up so that there was 1 HP team member and 2-3 FCC members per lane. What better way to get to know people then by encouraging and laughing at each other? We encouraged our students to ask the people they were bowling with about their stories, how they came to FCC, etc… Then they bought us pizza! Another free meal! AMAZING! Unfortunately, we kinda had to hork down the pizza becasue we were in a hurry by that point to get out to the west suburbs to see our dear friends Keewon, Treyvon, and Sarah. We sure do love them. And Wednesday night we get to go to Treyvon’s basketball game!

Ok, I’m super tired. We love you.  Night Night.



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