Moving Day

As Steve from FCC said today, “Apparently, the interns who we hire would prefer to not be homeless.” So they wanted to create a living quarters in their building for an intern to live. We helped today by cleaning out stuff from Room A, in order to make room for stuff from Rooms B, C,  and D, so that Rooms B, C & D, could be turned into living quarters. The amount of stuff (treasurers office, crafts, bookshelves & large desks) in those rooms looked about overwhelming. But McKenzie walked past me (Brian) & just started taking stuff off the shelf. We followed suit, and chipped away. Five hours later, we were finished with that project, and knocked out a couple of little ones too. It was great to be able to help them in a practical way. It would be a great place to intern anyway, and now it will even be better.

This evening was the time that we had set aside to let the students see Michigan Avenue and eat at Portillos. Everyone had a great time. Several of us got to see the beautiful views from the Hancock Tower. To see the beauty of Lake Michigan on one side, and the tens of thousands of structures that people have built (using their creative, engineering and artistic abilities, and hard work) is pretty awesome.

We just finished spending the last 3 hours praying over and then working on the lessons/skits/activities that we will lead at By The Hand over the next few days. The text that we are teaching is from Mark 12 and Luke 21 – the story of the Widow’s Gift. What a great teaching moment from Jesus. We have lots to learn about it.

The group is pretty tired. I think the loss of an hour is still hitting everyone in the evening. Thanks for your prayers. Good night.



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3 responses to “Moving Day

  1. Tyler Cohen

    AHHHH!!!! I miss chicago!!!! I miss the kids at by the hand!!! I miss FCC!!! I wish I was there right now. I have a mission field of my own back home though… and I thank God for that. Enjoy Chicago for me!!!!!!!

    p.s. I think that The Steve at the top looks like a Rabbi.

  2. Sarah B Regouby

    Praying for yall! Miss everyone like crazy and wish I were in Chicago with you to experience God’s awesomeness in person. Excited to hear about all the funny stories, all the lessons learned, and all the love shared. Don’t forget to wear loose pants when moving heavy boxes, and sing a few lines of “no right on red when pedestrians present” for me. Keep on keeping on! Booya.

  3. Denise Miller

    Hey Brian,
    Have to say I am a little jealous of your trip, Chicago has always been a special place for me. Sounds like you guys are hard at it. Tell everyone there “hello” for me. Praying for you all.


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