Air Hockey, A Penny & Pizza

We are studying James for our morning devo time. This morning was James 2. Wow, what a loaded book. We have lots to think about and lots to do.

Today was our first day at By The Hand. Our students tackled an old air hockey table that needed thrown away. After a long struggle, they had the joy of seeing it scrunched up in the garbage trunk. They took a picture and cheered. Later in the day, Lane and I were on the 19th floor of a condo on Michigan Ave, trying to get a large (and much nicer) air hockey table into a small elevator, down a hallway and into a truck. A taxi driver honked at us when we were blocking his way. Not much you can do when your fingers are about to rip off. But we made it. We were surprised that we didn’t break the table, something in the upscale condo, or one of our bones. You know what I always say, “Sometimes the best way to love someone is to get them a new air hockey table.” The Middle School students at BTH will love it.

We introduced the story of the Widow’s Mite, found in both Mark and Luke, for their chapel. The students did an awesome job. We’ll try to get the video online sometime. The kids were really engaged.

Everyone did a great job of tutoring, helping with students, fixing dinner, and just doing whatever needed to be done. We were really hungry, so Giordano’s hit the spot. The best pizza in the world is right here.

We are getting ready for another day, and then off to bed. Please keep praying. Consider fasting too. Thanks.


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