Goo gone and a buzzer beater.

Today was really awesome. Which, at risk of sounding redundant, is awesome. The reason this is so awesome is because Wednesday has potential to be the toughest day. We are pretty worn out at this point and so it can be tough to muster the energy to work hard and love well. I know what you’re thinking, “But wouldn’t you be more tired on Thursday?” Of course we will. The difference is that tomorrow we will be driven by plenty of emotion. The last day tends to have a strange energy driving it.

When we got to BTH this morning they gave us a list of things to do. Most of the things on the list they had decided that morning because the group worked so hard on Tuesday that they got most of Wednesday’s work done as well. That’s right. We divided up into groups to knock out today’s tasks. One group took loads of books and stuff down to the basement while another group deep cleaned an industrial kitchen, and yet another scrubbed the mess out of every table in the classrooms. These are white round table’s and you can imagine what they might look like after sitting in elementary classrooms for months. It took a lot of industrial cleaner and good ol’ fashion elbow grease, but we got it done. Oh yeah, and on top of that, we disinfected every chair. Every. Chair.

Once all the students arrived we got their we greeted them and ate snacks with them. Then, in chapel, Erin, Leslie, Ashlee, and I (Lane) taught the lesson. It was so good and the team rocked it. I was very proud of their work and how seriously they took the task of communicating God’s word. Their is another team of college students (8 or so) volunteering at BTH this week as well. I have been so impressed  with our group. Our group is obviously unbelievable but you don’t realize how unbelievable until you get to contrast them with another group. This college group is doing their best and we are thankful they are here, but they have nothing on the initiative of our group. There’s really no training program for what you do at BTH, you get thrown in and you sink or swim. Our group swims.

After BTH we drove back out to the west suburbs to watch Tray Tray’s basketball game. It was SO much fun and our group was so loud the rest of the gym didn’t know what to do with us. We yelled and cheered then Tray’s team lost by one on a buzzer beater (that we’re not sure beat the buzzer). Such a bummer, but still a fantastic time.

We love you all. Please don’t stop praying for us. See you soon.



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