You know you’re on a middle school trip when…

You know you’re on a middle school youth trip when…

…you show up to the church to find two 6th grade girls already there with half downed bottles of mountain dew.

…you get in the vans and none of the girls say they have to go to the bathroom when you ask, then one says they do and they all go with her.

…you’ve been at the church for 12 minutes and already answered 483 questions from the students.

…(warning: slightly crass) you’ve been in the van for what seems like 5 minutes and someone cracks one off that peels paint off the van and wakes every dead body in whatever you’re county you’re currently driving through.

…you get countless pictures of you that girls have been doodling for about an hour. Then they ask you to make a collage of them in your office.

…the directions from google maps take you on about an hour detour north of Dallas.

…you can’t hear yourself think because of the endless giggling coming from behind you.

…within the first 2 minutes of being at jack in the box someone has dropped a just-purchased milkshake all over the floor.

…you have said the words “I think the hotel has a pool but I’m not sure. We’ll find out when we get there” about 12,736,795,284 times.

…you arrive at a place to serve where none of the kids have ever been, you’re not sure what you’re going to do, and you watch students work their tails off. For 5 hours they worked in the hot sun, loading and unloading trucks of things that will be given to families that have absolutely nothing in the name of Jesus. When the mission “officially” closed around 6, and the other volunteers left, our kids never said when we stayed for another two hours sorting clothes and cleaning the property around the mission.

Middle school students are crazy. They are funny, loud, goofy, and awkward. They are also heroes. They love to act out their faith because they know that faith without action is no faith at all.

This trip rocks.



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