A real post!

Woo-hoo for wifi! 

So the trip up here was awesome! We ran into a little rain, but nothing major + we needed limited stops + when we stopped it was relatively quick = our best time ever! Heck, we pulled into First Christian and it was till daylight! So far, so good. 

Most years we have either already eaten dinner when we arrive or they have something waiting for us because they have had some kind of fund raiser or banquet the day of our arrival. Not so this year so after unloading our stuff we headed out to find some grub. A 3 minute drive took us to a little place called Potbelly. These awesome sandwiches and shakes are primarily in the northeast but you can also find them in Texas. 

While at Potbelly, Madison began to notice a little tingle in her throat. Before long it became clear that she was having an allergic reaction to what turned out to be carrots that were in her sandwich. After taking some benadryl and calling her parents we kept an eye on the situation for a few minutes and ultimately decided that it was best to take her to the Emergency Room. Shanna, Michelle, Madison and I loaded up and headed out to the Hospital. After a long wait in the ER waiting room they took Madison back to a room, gave her some meds, and kept an eye on her for a while.  We got out of there around 1 am and got back to the church ready for bed time. Here’s the thing, Madison was somewhat of a late addition to our team this year. She graduated a year early which technically put her over the “grade age limit”, but we decided to let her come anyway since she still had one year of eligibility and we just couldn’t leave her behind. Now I know why. Heaven forbid I take Madison all the way through her high school years without ever making a trip to the ER with her. With all of her funky allergies, it’s a wonder it took us this long to share this experience. Take Madison to the ER because of food allergies: Check.

Sunday morning was an awesome time of worship with our family at First Christian. We always feel so welcome here. They are always happy to see us and we love getting to spend some time with them. After our worship time together we went out and had some Philly Cheese Steaks at the Ford City mall which has become something of a Sunday afternoon tradition for us here in Chicago. 

When we got back from lunch we just had enough time to grab our socks and head to the bowling alley to meet the FCC crew for our annual afternoon of bowling. We split everyone up so that the lanes are mixed up with FCC and HP people. This is such an awesome time to get to know people. We ask them their stories, how they got to FCC, where they’re from, etc… Once we got back from bowling we ate some dinner together, went over our lessons for the week at BTH and hit the sack early so we could be well rested and work hard today. 

Monday is the day we spend at FCC doing anything and everything they need us to. Today was spent cleaning pigeon nests and… um…other pigeon stuff from windows and ledges, cleaning out gardens of weeds and leaves, picking up trash around the grounds, trimming hedges, washing windows, and stuffing 2,000 little baggies with Easter programs and tickets to pass out around the neighborhood. Everyone worked hard and we finished up about 40 minutes ago. Just in time to get cleaned up and meet Sarah and Trey Trey for some dinner and ice cream! 


P.S. Paige and Bailey say hi.





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