The Colony and the Code

Good morning! We are all up in our dorms getting ready to go to the beach! Woohoo! It’s going to be great.


So yesterday was all about the Colony or the community of believers. We spent the day coming to grips with the fact that we need each other and our actions deeply affect each other. It really was an awesome day. If you know me well, you know that this is a subject that I am passionate about anyway, so it was great for our whole group to be processing it for an entire day at a very challenging level. We talked about what it means to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. We learned that getting rid of filth and things in our lives gives Jesus a clear shot at our hearts, and when He has a clear shot at our hearts He never misses. 

Today is about the Code. It’s the way we love each other that truly is the code for believers. Jesus says that they will know we belong to Him by the way we love. Specifically, today, we are looking at that love in the context of forgiveness. As you can imagine, this is a difficult topic for a lot of our students (and leaders!) to deal with as we come to grasp with the people we need to forgive and the people from whom we need to ask forgiveness. Forgiving people is one of the ways that we love our enemies, and Jesus tells us that it is in loving our enemies that we are set apart from the rest of the world. This radical teaching should define us and shape all of our relationships. Tonight will be very heavy as students are encouraged to confront their need for forgiveness as well as their need to forgive. 

Please pray for the students as they come to grips with this hard, but vital, truth. 

Also, Kenneth Stewart has a black eye… that is all you need to know. 


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